Friday, June 17, 2011

blogging...not my strong point.

Okay, I realize I stink at this, but maybe I can use the summer to my advantage and catch up on things.

Things missed since last blog:
Its a boy!

I felt little flutters one night while I was sitting at the computer late at night.

His name is William Fischer Bragg. My grandfather's name was William Carl Coggin, so that is where William comes from. Fischer is just a very sweet name that we love and EVERY time I say it, I like it more.

Zach's parents got us our furniture for the baby room- for that, we are extremely thankful. We brought it home from Target and got it all set up that was great :) Maebe even helped...for the most part, she just got in the middle of everything and lay on the floor looking really sad. I think she knows something is going on in that room because when I go back there, she follows and just lays on the floor. She's so sweet, I can't wait for her to meet Fischer :)
I am sad that my mom and dad live so far away and won't be able to visit with Fischer nearly as much, but Zach's parents living in Jackson is going to be great. This is their first grandchild, so 3 hours isn't too far to drive to be spoiled by sweet, loving grandparents. We've been tossing around their grandparent names...these are names that will have to be explained, goes: Ditsy and Duke. Zach's mom used to joke around and call the Dixie Chicks the Ditsy Chits---then we started calling her Ditsy and...well- okay, this all sounds much better in person rather than on paper. Either way, her name does not in any way reflect her personality or intelligence. Daryl is Duke because he loves Duke basketball and Ditsy and Duke sound so wonderful together! I am in love with it, and the world will just have to deal. However, those names are not concrete. More to come on that later.

My parents already have names from my brother's kids- my mom is Mamu and my dad is Pops. I love both. My mom was originally supposed to be gamma, but thankfully, Celia changed it to Mamu- which I love :) While she was here on her visit, she came across too many cute outfits for our Fischer and I can't wait to dress him up in them- she also got the rocking chair that you see zach's resting in in the next post :)

We got the room painted- we initially had 3 options...light green, light blue, or light yellow. Yellow was looking pretty fantastic, until we put the samples on the wall and green was the lucky winner. There is so much more to do with the wall space- a painted letter, book shelf, wall hangings, etc. I got a really cute painting at one of my showers and I LOVE the cute little cartoony giraffes...I was thinking of using that as my inspiration of making the guest bathroom transition to Fischer's bathroom. I realize he won't be using it for a long time, but I am going to cutsie it up now while I can and it will be perfect for when he gets old enough to use it! :) At school, the sped department threw a shower for me, and I had a friend one here at Ed and Carolyn's for my bunko friends and my mom and mother in law came to that one. Then my Aunt Kim threw us one on the coast with family and friends from their time living on the coast. I have almost all of the thank you cards done for that one- so far, I am pretty caught up on the cards...I have to get a new pack so I can finish them off.

He moves ALL first it was just funny because he would kick and I could see him bounce around in my tummy. Now, its like he's having a party in there...I really wonder what all the commotion is about sometimes- he flips and flops and sometimes causes me pain, haha- but with a little push here and a rub there, he moves and gets settled :) I keep forgetting to play him music...but I have done that a couple of times. Maybe if I do it more, it would be soothing for him and he won't freak out so much....really, though- I don't mind it. I know that when he gets here, I will be so excited to meet him, but I am going to miss the sweet times we have together when its just me and him (and his foot all in my ribs..:)). I love when Zach feels him move- every time, its like the first time for him...he gets so excited- its really very cute. He's going to be an awesome daddy. btw, zach got employee of the month at NMMC...kind of a big deal.

Going to Pennsylvania next week...leaving Wednesday, returning Wednesday. REALLY praying that Fischer stays in there safely during the trip. I mean, I know they have drs and hospitals here that are great, grand, and wonderful, but...home is where I want to be when this all goes down. I will turn 32 weeks while I am there- I'm sure everything will be fine, just continuously praying! :)

I am going to make my next post ALL pictures since I really can't figure out the whole picture/writing deal. you can match the pictures with the writing yourself. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

sweet baby Bragg. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so much to say, so much to say...

Thanks to Facebook and word of mouth, those who are close to me didn't have to wait for my blog announcement to know that I am going to be a mommy :) I am 14 1/2 weeks, over morning sickness, but closing in on some serious food aversions. All totally worth it...yes there will be sleepless nights, poopy diapers, screaming, rocking, screaming, rocking, and maybe even a little medication...but between the times where there is so much unknown, there are sweet smiles (gas or not), giggles, times to be able to watch-feel-listen to baby Bragg sleep, and all other manner of sweet memories. I am much looking forward to being able to see baby Bragg grow- from gaining weight at every dr. appointment to eating puree carrots and puffs and from learning associating the word and sign for milk with the actual cup of milk to learning how much love Jesus has for the baby that He knit together in my womb. Praying every day for wisdom in raising baby Bragg knowing that if I ask for wisdom, God will give it!

On another note, spring break is in 13 days. 13 days of school left until I have a whole 9 days to myself...AND I get to babysit Gray a few of those days- I am not 100% sure of how to post pictures, but in an effort to catch you up on my life between time machine and baby, I will post as many pictures as I can. Since we don't have baby yet, we are super enjoying our time with our Maebe- Zach has been taking her for walks on the trace and I even got to go on one Saturday AM after he got off work- it was wonderful! As for spring break, there aren't any super big plans, but I am trying to plan a special 1 or 2 day trip for me and zach...we are having a lot of baby-moons planned....much like a honeymoon, but just time to spend with each other (or ourselves) before the baby gets here! Zach with be going to Bonnaroo in June, and my mom will come to stay with me for that time, and the last week of June, we are taking a trip to Pennsylvania for the family reunion and spend time with family and we will even get to go to a Phillies game. I am so excited about all of our plans and I can't WAIT to start working on the baby room. I have a lot to do to clean up, but then painting and furniture are next and baby Bragg will be here before we know it :)

That's all for now, I am going to try to post pictures shortly, though :)