Thursday, November 18, 2010

a break.

Zach called me on my way to work this morning, this is how our conversation went:

J: what are you doing?
Z: Just leaving work to go home, what are you doing?
J: Just leaving home to go to work.

such is life at the Bragg house.....but not next week.
Next week, I will sleep until 7:30, when he comes home to wake me up and we will spend all morning together until he has to go to sleep and I can clean the house and cook dinner to send off with him to work that night. Thursday is Thanksgiving, and since he has to work, I will be spending the day with Ed and Carolyn eating delicious turkey and spending some much needed time with the Earnest family. I will stay up late. I will go to the mall. I will browse the crochet section of Barnes and Nobel. I will rest. I will, *reeaaallllyyy* clean. and I will play with my dog.

What am I thankful for? Thanksgiving break.

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  1. and I would like very much to think that you will be spending some of that time with a very sweet little Stella and her mother. Please.