Monday, November 8, 2010

things I love...

about the cold winter months.

There aren't many things I don't like about this time of year, so I will get those out of the way:
-my nose hurts when it gets too dry (but that's what aquafor is for)
-I don't like to *be* cold
-when I sign, my fingers stay exposed to whatever the temp is and usually stay cold
-scraping my window in the AM (always making me late)
-fighting crowds in driving/shopping/eating/etc..
-the constant rain that always drowns my yard thus making mowing the Spring grass quite the arduous task.

-celebrating the birth of sweet baby Jesus- maybe that sounds cliche, but its such a special time and celebrating it every year makes more and more real this time every year
-December 2nd, 1999, I took the life I had-turned upside down and backwards as it was- and gave it to Jesus to fix and he did- and he continues to on a daily basis
-wearing my sock monkey footie pajamas over my real pajamas to keep me toasty
-a warm fire (since I am without a fireplace, the fire pit will do, I suppose)
-hot chocolate
-candy canes (I reeeeeeally love candy canes...)
-the smell of pine that comes with a real tree in the house
-the smell of the dark green glade candle oil thing I have that I put out this time of year
-the way the end of my nose and my cheeks get pink if I go outside even for just a minute
-being able to see my breath
-making soup or any other delicious crockpot meal-potato soup, taco soup, chicken and dumplings, 7 can soup, chicken curry, Chicken Tortilla soup...the list could really go on for pages.
-running in the afternoon when its not too cold to hurt my lungs (like it would be in the early morning/late evening)
-picking out the Christmas tree
-setting up the Christmas tree
-getting a new ornament for the Christmas tree
-finding the perfect gift to buy for special people
-opening presents....I just like to tear into the paper...not so much on the wrapping part
-putting my clothes in the dryer, not just to fluff them before I leave for work, but to warm them before I put them on
-sometimes, if Zach is home and awake, he will put my towel in the dryer and give it to me before I get out
-keeping a space heater on in the bathroom
-bumping up the water heater temp
-did I say hot cocoa and candy canes? because those SO make the list.
-the peppermint milkshake at Chick-Fil-A
-snow flurries
-sitting outside at the quietest time of the day while it is snowing so that I can hear every snowflake fall around me (also my favorite sound)
-while I am sitting outside enjoying the sound of snow falling, the only thing to go with that to make it a perfect time : a tall mug of hot cocoa. Last year, I waited up until well after midnight just to see and hear the snow fall. When it finally did, I enjoyed my hot cocoa in a chair under the carport, twirled around in the flurries for a few, and slept peacefully.
-snowflakes landing on my eyelashes (not just because of the song..)
-the BIG snowflakes
-the crispness in the air
-homemade lotion
-camping (before it gets frigid or after the frigid has passed)
-how could I forget Christmas music

I know there are more things I like about the winter months, but that just gives me an excuse to blog more because I have a girl's night appointment to get to.

these are just a few of my favorite things...
for now

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