Saturday, November 13, 2010

rambling. (with a happy ending)

I am just sitting here waiting for my wonderful friend neighbor, Mindy, to finish her nursing school paper that she has been working on for M-O-N-T-H-S now so that we can go roll a friends house...nothing personal, just revenge. I was just at this particular friend's house watching the State game and (as it became clear that State was NOT going to pull out of the nose dive they were in) we began playing Bananagrams- (a lovely game that resembles the ever so popular "Words With Friends" for iPod, iPad, and iPhone). Basically, you make your own little scrabble board in front of you with letter tiles and as you (or another player) uses up the letters you drew originally (21 or 15 depending on the amount of players), you-one tile at a time- draw from the pile of letters to ultimately finish an entire scrabble board of your very own...if you're lucky (that's the best explaining I can do without the visual aid of the actual game). SO, the rules in Scrabble apply: you can't just ask "is this a word?" because that would defeat the purpose of even playing the game. we might as well just give you a dictionary and let you have at it. ONE girl in the whole game *constantly* asked "is this a word? is this how you spell this? is this right? can this count???"- Even after repeatedly stating my position on the whole asking questions thing, she kept on. So what did I do? I quit. I feigned exhaustion and flipped my tiles over to put them into the draw pile and quit. Was I being childish? I don't think so.....I was only helping myself hold on to my value of self control. Under other circumstances, I might think this would be a childish move, but if you only knew the,my,my. Not that being home schooled is such an awful thing (because its not...if you do it right), but I think she may have been, which could account for all lack of regard for social cues. This isn't going to turn into a bash this girl blog, just something I had to release.
While on a subject.....any subject, really- that just seems like a good transition...I wonder how much marriage affects how one interacts with colleagues, friends, co-workers, administration, or otherwise. I would like to think it has a positive effect- not just because I'm married, but because I have seen evidence of my position on this issue. I have met single person after single person (sometimes young single, but mostly older single) that have not yet learned the ebb and flow of life...if that makes sense. The natural give and take that comes with your day to day relating with other people- not just a spouse, but a friend or co-worker. People that don't *have* to be sensitive to the needs of another so that they can live happily in a marriage...simply aren't. Since they don't have to put it into practice every day with someone they love and want to make happy, they don't see the value of it in other aspects of their lives. I am not saying that every single person ends up a curmudgeon, cursing the world for not sending their prince charming sailing in to save the day, and despising every married person for the happiness they have in life....but this does seem to be the trend in older single women. As for older single men, you just don't see many of them out there anymore, so they don't count...but if they did, I don't think this would apply as much for them.
Having said all of that, I DO know some very pleasant older single people (by single, know that I mean never been married...or briefly previously married) - and I love them dearly. I'm sure its not easy being older (by older, I mean my age) and gets lonely and such- I am not going to pretend to understand all that goes on in a situation like that, but for the sake of every relationship that you should hold dear : learn how to relate, socialize, give/take, converse- all without feeling the need to dominate, be right, or especially look at me or talk to me like I am a total idiot that isn't smitten with every word that falls out of your mouth. Help me help kind, rewind. wait...maybe that last one doesn't apply, but you get the basic gist. To end on a happy note:
something else I love about cold weather:
-this is when pomegranates come out to play...mmmm...I will never forget tasting one for the first time in Mrs. Squire's history class in 3rd grade...that's a big thing, because I don't remember much, but I remember those pomegranates every year when its time to buy one.
I really enjoy having a blog...even if I am the only one who will ever read it (with the exception of my wonderful bff, Pat E. and maybe a few lucky others-yes, I said lucky with a sarcastic tone..blast this expressionless text.)

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  1. You are the funniest thing. Really. I promise, when we play banangrams, I will not ask questions.
    Sooooooooo----- do I know that older single person of whom you speak? Cause I am pretty sure I do!